October 2016

Last month, I truly enjoyed meeting up with clients and industry friends at IBC2016 in Amsterdam. Despite a challenging business environment, it was encouraging to hear how optimistic people are about the market.

With IBC and SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® in Philadelphia behind us, now is the perfect time for you to look at how to build on all the hard work done at these shows and maintain visibility and momentum in your marketing communications activities over the coming months.

Oftentimes, our clients have conversations with editors, bloggers and analysts at trade shows, during which time they make a big announcement. After the show is over, it’s not uncommon for there to be a long period of “no further news.” Here are a few ways you can avoid this situation:

  1. Prioritize: If you have finalized several news announcements before a major trade show, save one or two for release afterwards. Editors are often inundated with press releases and other information in advance of the show, and sometimes a really good story can get lost. Try and hold something back for the relatively quieter post-show period. A great way to stay organized is to sort your news into three categories: pre-show; at-show and post-show.

  2. Repurpose: There are many ways to increase the life cycle of a story and maintain your news pipeline to the media and potential customers. For instance, what you announced in a pre-show press release could form the basis of a case study or whitepaper. Or you might be able to glean some important information from the on stand video shot with your CEO and a customer for a case study or client testimonial. And don’t forget to follow up with one of the editors you spoke with at the show to find out whether there’s an opportunity to provide comment in a future editorial.

  3. Be social: Social media is a simple and effective way to maintain a consistent conduit of news to the media, your customers/future customers and the wider industry. Regular postings covering company and industry news will help you maintain visibility and keep you in the eye of the major media platforms.

I hope this gives you some ideas how to keep in the spotlight over the next few months. If you’d like to discuss ways you can maintain your visibility in more detail, please contact me at

If you haven’t already downloaded the 202 Communications Ultimate Trade Show Checklist, you can get your copy here, or view our short webinar. And remember: These checklists are not just for IBC. You can refer to them for any trade show or industry event you’re involved in.

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications