December 2016

Like us, I expect you’re in planning mode for next year and perhaps reflecting on how 2016 has turned out. Did you achieve the objectives you set for your company at the beginning of the year? If you didn’t, what would you do differently in 2017?

We are currently advising our clients on how they can realize more of their goals in the coming year. Here are a few ideas:

Less is More
Hone your 2017 objectives list to two or three key goals. These could focus on a product launch, a new customer collaboration, or activities surrounding a trade show or conference. The most important point is that you and your team are clear about what these objectives are and that they are realistically achievable.

Compelling Content?
Take some time to review the content you produced in 2016, including your website and social media activities, thought leadership articles, and marketing literature. Did you manage to maintain a pipeline* of compelling news and content to your target markets? Check that messaging was engaging and consistent, and that your content was picked up by relevant media platforms and seen by your target audience.
*see last month’s edition of Multiscreen Buzz for tips on how to keep your news pipeline full.

Talk to Your Customers
Your customers can be a great source of ideas for how to better communicate your message. When you next speak to them, take a few minutes to ask for feedback on your marketing and communications activities.

Watch Competitors!
How are your key competitors communicating their message? What publications are they receiving coverage in, and what type of content is most regularly featured? What can you do to more clearly differentiate your products, solutions, or services and gain a business advantage?

If you’ve found these suggestions helpful and want to discuss in more detail how 202 Communications can assist you with your communications/content creation strategy for 2017, please get in touch at

On behalf of everyone at 202 Communications, we wish you a very happy holidays and a healthy and successful 2017!

See you in January!

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications