May 2017

It was absolutely invaluable meeting up with colleagues, clients, and other industry friends at the recent NAB Show. The nature of our business, and the modern world, means the opportunities to meet in person are few and far between. While videoconferencing helps, it still can’t replace spending face-to-face time with people.

If you made the trip to Las Vegas, I hope the show was successful for you. And if you’re gearing up for BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia in Singapore, I hope you’ll have an equally productive experience!

Once a major trade show is over the real work begins. OK, maybe that’s not completely true, but the effort put in following a key industry event is just as important as all the hard work building up to and at the show itself. In addition to reviewing whether goals were achieved, the process of following up on sales leads and other business opportunities is vital.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be spending a lot of time providing our clients with a summary of the editorial meetings we arranged for them and identifying specific opportunities, editorial or otherwise, that can result from these meetings. We’ll also be discussing the visibility and coverage each client achieved, exploring how we can help maximize their exposure and keep news pipelines full.

Much of this work will focus on the innovative and thought-provoking content that was created for the show – from conference and panel presentations to case studies and new product announcements. We’ll be discussing the best ways clients can repurpose content to extend its reach and news lifecycle. For example, we might propose that a client utilize a presentation as the basis for a whitepaper. Another idea is to transform a news announcement into a social media campaign or video interview/podcast.

In doing so, our clients can ensure that all the hard work on the show floor continues to pay dividends long after the event has ended.

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications