June 2017

The first half of the year is an extremely busy time for technology companies in our industry. With several major trade shows taking place during this period, there are many excellent opportunities to launch new products and enhancements to existing solutions.

Announcing new products at trade shows is a great way to maximize visibility in the trade media. For many of the leading industry publications, their trade show editions often achieve the highest readership figures, so naturally they are looking to report on all the latest news and developments.

For 202’s clients, trade shows not only provide them with the opportunity to engage with the media face to face, but also allow them to “live demo” their new products to potential customers. One conversation that often arises from this is: “In addition to meeting with editors and distributing press releases and producing thought leadership articles, how can we continue the buzz that our new product has been creating?”

We would suggest one way you can achieve this is by entering your product for an industry award. Winning an esteemed industry award is a great way to tell more potential customers about your company and its award-winning products. You can also reference award wins in product literature, data sheets, future press releases, and articles.

With industry awards in mind, here are a few tips on how to draft the perfect awards entry:

  • Focus on what’s innovative: While it’s important to include technical details about your new product, don’t go overboard. Focus on what’s innovative. Why is your product different than others on the market? Is anything about your product an industry-first?

  • Speak about collaboration: If you’ve worked with a leading pay-TV operator or taken part in a massive integration with third-party partners, your project may be worthy of winning an award. Write down what’s revolutionary about the integration and how you were successful at working together. Examples of real-word deployments are best.

  • Talk about the challenges and benefits: What are the technical, creative, and business challenges that your product resolves? Describe, in detail, the benefits of your product. Will your product open up new revenue or lower costs for customers? If your product helps customers address a current industry trend (i.e., OTT, UHD/4K), that will get your nomination even greater attention.

Neil Howman, Managing Director
202 Communications